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When did Nebraska Urban Indian Health Coalition (NUIHC) open its doors?

NUIHC was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in October 1986.

Where is NUIHC located?

The administrative offices, Intertribal Treatment, Tired Moccasins, SOMS Youth Programs, and Eagle Heights Transitional Housing are located in Omaha at 2240 Landon Court. NUIHC operates a Federally Qualified Health Center in Lincoln.

How do you access services?

Please give us a call at our office in Omaha, and we can direct you to the correct program and individuals. Phone: 402-346-0902

What is the ethnicity of the staff?

Approximately 28 percent of the staff are American Indians, and 40 percent represent other ethnic groups.

What is the make-up of the NUIHC Board of Directors?

Five of the Board’s six members are American Indian/Alaska Native.

What is NUIHC’s annual budget?

The 2017 budget was $3,036,084.

What are NUIHC’s funding sources?

Some 68 percent of NUIHC’s funding comes from federal and state funding, primarily the Indian Health Service. Approximately 32 percent comes from patient revenues from the Nebraska Urban Indian Medical Center in Lincoln.

What is the ethnicity of our clients?

The majority of our clients are American Indian/Alaska Natives.

What tribes use NUIHC Services?

The majority of tribal members who use our services, are of the Omaha, Lakota Sioux, Winnebago and Ponca tribes, but we accept tribal members from all over the country.

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