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Project Upstream is an initiative of NUIHC, that offers individualized, family, and community outreach services to American Indian and Alaskan Native families in the Omaha Metro Area. Upstream team members help Native youth and families find effective ways to overcome academic, economic, health and other social barriers and work with them to find opportunities for community participation, healing, and educational and economic success. Our program goals are based around empowering and strengthening individuals and families.

We serve Native American youth and families in the extended Omaha metro area, regardless of tribal affiliation.


Serving meals and providing educational opportunities for Elders, including: Arts and crafts, outdoor gardening space, specialty trips and social gatherings.

Nebraska urban Indian Health Coalition Omaha and Lincoln Nebraska


NUIHC will plant native/indigenous plants such as sweetgrass, sage, arborvitae or flat cedar, juniper cedar, leadplant, milkweed and sunchokes; as well as vegetable garden plants in raised garden beds to teach participants how to plant, maintain and reap what they sow. NUIHC has a few raised garden beds but would add to the beds as a few of them are lower than is comfortable for many of the elders. Planting will begin in February by planting sweet and hot peppers and a couple varieties of lettuce in two mini-greenhouses which when he seedling are large they will be transferred into the raised garden beds.

NUIHC will contract with the owner of a yoga studio to come and teach the elders Tai Chi. The benefits of Tai Chi are greater aerobic capacity and muscle strength, enhanced flexibility, balance, and agility, reduced inflammation, lower blood pressure and improved heart health and fewer falls.



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